Our Three Core Principles

In order to develop your retirement income strategy successfully, you need to have your priorities straight. When assisting clients, we keep three things in mind: Safety, reasonable rates of return,** and keeping things simple. All three of these things are important, and rest assured, you can attain all three.

Safety First

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Protecting your principal is our highest priority. Your retirement income strategy should, above all else, guarantee* you don’t run out of money.

As you enter retirement, your tolerance for risk may shift. You might be less comfortable with risky investments like stocks. If the value of your investments drop while you’re in retirement, you could lose a large amount of the money you need.

This may lead you to seek alternatives with lower risks. We focus on tools such as these. We want our clients to know all of their available options. There may be safer choices you could make that you aren’t aware of.


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In addition to keeping your money safe, earning reasonable rates of return** should be another vital part of your retirement income strategy. When it comes to traditional retirement options, some offer safety, while others offer reasonable rates. Ideally, however, your strategy should include both of these benefits.

We specialize in providing options to not only stay protected, but earn reasonable rates** so that you don’t run out of money partway through retirement. Through some financial vehicles, you can earn returns based on the growth of a stock market index, while still staying protected if that index declines in value.

For example: Fixed indexed annuities, or FIAs. An FIA grows based on an external index, but comes with a guarantee* of safety. Additionally, an FIA may come with a way to earn returns at a rate that compensates for inflation.

Things Can Be Simple

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Your retirement income strategy shouldn’t be complicated. How can you comfortably retire, if you’re constantly worrying about preserving your finances? Planning for retirement can be simple and less stressful with the right strategy.

We understand that every client’s needs, goals, and circumstances are different. You don’t have to pick between any one of these three values. You can have all three, with the right tools. Reach out to us to learn more. We can help you explore your retirement income options.

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