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At Senior Financial Solutions, we know that planning for retirement can be overwhelming. Many people wait too long to start, and as a result, don’t end up with the strategy that’s right for them.

You might not have selected the best options given your situation, simply because you aren’t aware of all your options. Rest assured, we can educate you on them.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to financially planning for retirement. 401(k) plans, IRAs, and pensions are some of the most common retirement accounts. However, one option you may not have considered? Annuities.

Are your savings protected if the stock market drops? Safety is our top priority here at Senior Financial Solutions. A fixed indexed annuity (or FIA) is an example of a product that offers a guarantee* of safety.


What is an annuity, and how do they work? There are actually multiple types of annuities, that come with their own benefits. It’s entirely possible one could be right for you.

Everyone’s retirement goals are different. We can discuss if an annuity might be able to help you meet them. If safety, reasonable rates of return,** and making up for the impact of inflation and taxes on your retirement are all important to you, certain annuity products might be just what you need.


This is one of our three core values at Senior Financial Solutions. During our no-obligation meetings, we can explain how important safety is to any retirement strategy.

Knowing your risk tolerance is key to successfully planning for retirement. How much risk can you handle? Are you looking for something that offers more safety than an investment, like purchasing stocks?

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One of our core principles is simplicity. We want our clients to fully understand all of their options, in order to retire comfortably and confidently. Every person’s situation, needs, and goals are different. We can help you create the perfect strategy for your individual needs. Annuities may be a part of this. Reach out to us to learn more. You can schedule a one-on-one meeting with us, or reserve a seat at one of our educational seminars, which come with a complimentary gourmet meal and an informative presentation.

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